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Fitbit vs Jawbone vs Garmin - Best Fitness Tracker Brands

When it comes to fitness tracking and activity tracking, every individual has different needs.

Some might need constant heart rate monitoring or step counting while others might want to track their vitals while sleeping. In the current market for fitness tracking devices, there is a solution for everyone.

There is a long list of brands with fitness trackers. Three of the most reliable and well-known name in this segment are Fitbit, Jawbone and Garmin.

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Which Fitbit Should I Buy?

Fitbit makes some of the most popular fitness trackers or activity trackers currently in the market. That is because Fitbit trackers are simple to use, affordable and well supported by Fitbit app, one of the best health & fitness apps.

The challenge here for you is to figure out exactly which Fitbit tracker is best suitable to your needs. We have put together this article that compares Fitbit’s all eight trackers per your needs so you can decide which Fitbit fitness tracker is just the right fit.

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Best Android Smartphone To Buy In 2016

Best Android Phone - Continuously Reviewed

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Reviews That Matter

I recently had to buy a gift for my niece’s birthday. Trying to be the best uncle I could be, I decided to buy a toy best suited for her.

Given my lack of Toy knowledge, I did what anyone else in my position would do - do furious online search.

I consider myself an expert in online research. After years of reading, commenting, writing about technical products, I thought this is going to be a done deal in few hours.

How wrong was I?

FanReviews FanReviews

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