Best Android Smartphone To Buy In 2016

It is difficult to pick a best android phone from the market where 100s of android phones or smartphones are launched by different brands in a single calendar year of 2016.

Each smartphone in the market today is targeting some specific need of the consumer and all are competing to be the best smartphone for them.

It is very good to see that most of the small and big smartphone brands are listening to consumers in terms what they liked or disliked about their phones.

This year we are seeing, all brands are coming out with much better and improved version of a smartphone.

The best example is Galaxy S7 & LG G5 the flagship phone of Samsung phones & LG respectively. More will let you know in a bit on how they innovated and improved based on the consumer feedback.

Instead of straight away giving you just a list of smartphones that as per me are the best in the market today, let me put some light on how these smartphones are perceived by the end consumers. That is based on features and functionalities of the android phones.

This will help you all to understand, why a particular android phone is considered to be the best android phone in the year 2016.

As we are at the start of the calendar year 2016, I will be updating this post as and when a new smartphone is launched in the market and are worth recommending. So subscribe our newsletter & stay tuned with us.

Okay, so let’s get going.

Following is the list of criteria (in no particular order) on which all the android phones are really evaluated and every user relate it to their day-to-day usage.

  1. Price
  2. Look & Design
  3. Hardware

    • CPU Cores
    • Display
    • Battery Life
    • Camera
    • Memory (Storage & RAM)
    • Connectivity
  4. Speed Performance
  5. Built Quality
  6. Battery Life
  7. Usability
  8. Software (includes Android OS version & UI)

I have analyzed top android phones available in the market now to find how they perform against all the above parameters.

Based on this process here is a list of the best android phone available to buy as of February 2016:

We have included android phones announced in just concluded MWC 2016.

Announced and to be released in the calendar year 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Most anticipated android smartphone of 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

This year’s Galaxy phones are more about refinement than revolution.

Expandable storage - SD Card Slot up to 200 GB, a bigger battery, no protruding camera and a slight curvature to the rear makes it easier-to-hold design.

It’s water-resistant unlike its predecessor and both the camera and processor promise sharp performance but you still can’t remove the battery.

Yes, the Galaxy S7 & S7 edge haven’t done any innovation in this android smartphone, but combining the good looks with a great battery, super-fast processor, lot of RAM, microSD expansion plus wireless and fast charging, that’s probably the best phone of the year 2016.

You can check out best curated Samsung Galaxy S7 reviews & Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge reviews here.


Most daring and ambitious phone of 2016 - A surprise package


I keep saying this, LG G5 is a most daring and ambitious smartphone we have ever seen. Because it’s complemented by a range of unusual modular and standalone accessories, completely new for Smartphones. That’s an impressive innovation.

The metal body is a much-needed step up and LG has managed a design genius at which other manufacturers have really failed – retaining a removable battery and microSD slot in a sleek & high-end phone.

Dual-rear cameras. Optional swappable modules for the camera and high-definition audio. Curves in all the right places. Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Removable battery. Expandable storage. Actually, there’s a whole lot to like about the LG G5.

You can check out best curated LG G5 reviews here.

Sony Xperia X & X Performance

Sony Xperia X, XA & X Performance

There’s a lot to like about the new X series launched from Sony but looks, well, pretty much like predecessor Xperia devices.

X and X Performance are offering a good combination of both impressive cameras and long-lasting batteries in a sleek compact body. Both has 23 MP main and 13 MP selfie cameras with a 5-inch 1080p display, it is bright, sharp and lovely to look at.

The main difference between the X and X Performance is the performance itself. The X is positioned between, mid-to-high-range device, backed up with a Snapdragon 650 (earlier 618) processor. On the other hand, X Performance is powered by a high-end Snapdragon 820 CPU.

With an impressive display & cameras, both android phones appear to be fast, will have to wait and see how they compete with the other smartphones releasing this year in the same price band.

Released in Calendar Year 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Best Flagship high-end Smartphone for the year ending 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Arguably the number one smartphone currently on the market, it is close to a smartphone perfection from design to performance.

Performance being its huge strength. The S6 Edge, running an octa-core Exynos 7420 chip with 3GB of RAM, is the fastest phone and comes without any overheating issues too.

The 5.1-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 AMOLED display is a joy too. It’s extremely sharp, great color accuracy and deep blacks – just awesome for watching movies on.

The 16 MP main (rear) camera is the best smartphone camera on the market, coming with OIS and the option to play with important finer points of photography for advanced users.

Google Huawei Nexus 6P

A beast of an all round phone

Google Huawei Nexus 6P

It has a brilliant screen, sharp camera, superior build with the latest Android Marshmallow and the looks to match.

Metal body with Snapdragon 810 processor paired with 3GB of RAM, it makes for a lag free and smooth & silky experience.

A hefty battery will easily make it through the day, top it up with USB-C fast charging that will quickly help you charge fast.

You can check our best curated Google Huawei Nexus 6P reviews here.

Moto X Style

High-end device at a mid-range price

Moto X Style

You’re getting a super sharp quad-HD display and a beefy battery that keeps on going all day.

While it is larger than any other previous Moto X devices, this sleek phone with a curved back and almost non-existent bezels is such a joy to hold.

A weakness of most of the older Motorola phones is overcome by the 21-megapixel sensor on the back that captures sharp, color accurate photos and there’s good support for 4K video capture too.

Performance is slick enough for decent gaming, with no lag and stutters.


A killer camera and crisp display + microSD card slot at an impressive price


LG G4 is slight below the most expensive flagship rivals. It is affordable and slightly less powerful, but it has a bright screen and top of the line camera that mixes it with the very best.

The design wise looks smart, too. Replaceable back covers let you have an optional leather phone if you are not a vegan & really want one. It has that gentle curve, giving you a good grip on the phone and slightly different look in comparison to other rival android phones.

The screen is crisp & richer than before and you get a (bonus) microSD card slot, which is something we have recently seen, some of the pricier phones have ignored. Overall, the LG G4 is another great mobile from LG and continuously gaining respect among the top android phones manufacturer.

You can check out best curated LG G4 reviews here.

One Plus 2

A great phone. But incredibly hard to buy

One Plus 2

It’s every bit as impressive as its earlier version the OnePlus One. One of the boldest phones of the year launched with an aggressive price. It’s more than capable giving a tough fight to its rivals at the same price range.

Though large and chubby it’s great to hold complete comfort, with the textured back and metal frame proving to be a winning combination. The 5.5-inch, Full HD display is excellent, as it’s fast and reliable fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus’s Oxygen UI gives you the look & feel of a standard Android, but also gives you access to loads of handy tweaks and customization options that are quite useful.

Smartphone’s performance is slick, and the 3,300 mAh battery will give you, at least, a day of power.

Huawei Honor 5X

Best Budget Phone

Huawei Honor 5X

The Honor 5X has a nice metal build, big 5.5-inch screen, accurate fingerprint reader and lots of expandable storage, all for under $200.

One of the only phone at this price point with features that are usually found with devices priced at more than double.

Yes, the device isn’t flawless, with its mediocre camera and speaker, and sluggish performance, this very affordable price still worth picking up.

Huawei’s Honor 5X is a great deal for budget-phone seekers.

You can view more reviews of the other top smartphones here.

Hope this will help you to decide which phone is right for you.

As mentioned at the start, this blog will be continuously updated with new android phones or smartphones as and when they are launched in the calendar year 2016.

Stay tuned.


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