Which Fitbit Should I Buy?

Fitbit makes some of the most popular fitness trackers or activity trackers currently in the market. That is because Fitbit trackers are simple to use, affordable and well supported by Fitbit app, one of the best health & fitness apps.

Every one of us has a different level of interest in tracking our fitness activity. Ranging from casual fitness tracker who is happy to just follow the trend to some who are dead serious about physique and fitness level. Fitbit has done its best by catering to each one of them.

The challenge here for you is to figure out exactly which Fitbit tracker is best suitable to your needs. We have put together this article that compares Fitbit’s all eight trackers per your needs so you can decide which Fitbit fitness tracker is just the right fit.

Fitbit Zip - Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Zip, is the cheapest activity tracker of Fitbit’s lineup, with replaceable coin battery lasting up to 4-6 months. Its clip-on design allows you to clip it onto your clothes.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Zip tracks your daily steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled as well as telling you your active minutes and a clock
  • It also shows all the stats on a clear easy-to-read LCD display (which isn’t backlit hence cannot read in the dark)
  • Fitbit Zip doesn’t track floors climbed, sleep quality or stopwatch
  • Though Zip is sweat, rain and splash proof but not to be used while swimming.
  • Through the Fitbit app, you will be able to see their fitness progress, complete challenges with friends, log food, record workouts and earn badges.

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Fitbit Zip is best suited for:

Casual athletes who are just getting started in fitness tracking. Want a basic view of their daily fitness activity.

Buy Fitbit Zip because:

Fitbit Zip is the cheapest Fitbit and is a great entry point.

Fitbit Zip is $59.95 from Fitbit or as little as $49 from Amazon.com .

Fitbit One - Activity + Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One is like the Fitbit Zip, is clip-on and can also be clipped onto clothing but has a compact & slim design. It adds sleep tracking & floors climbed to its list of activities it can measure, as well as a compact & slim design.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit One tracks steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed & your active minutes
  • Sleep tracking is automatic so you don’t have to activate or deactivate sleep-tracking mode before you go to bed
  • It also features a clock, stopwatch, and silent vibrating alarm
  • Unlike Fitbit Zip’s LCD display & replaceable battery, Fitbit One opts for an OLED screen (found difficult to read in bright sunlight) and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a life of 10 to 14 days
  • Fitbit app features are same as the Fitbit Zip, but with Fitbit One, you will also get access to sleep trend graphs, sleep goals and sleep quality data

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Fitbit One is best suited for:

Fitness enthusiasts or beginner athletes, who want to focus on losing weight. And for someone who do not want/like to wear the tracker on a wrist

Buy Fitbit One because:

Though Fitbit One costs little more than Fitbit Zip but it’s additional features adds a lot of value. Fitbit One is a clip-on design & priced same as Fitbit Flex wristband.

Fitbit One is $99.95 from Fitbit or as little as $79.86 from Amazon.com.

Fitbit Flex Wirstband - Activity Tracker + Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Flex is a sleek & stylish wristband (not a clip-on) activity tracker. You can customize the band to meet your personal tastes from 10 different color bands to choose from. You can also buy cheap 3rd party bands. Hence, Fitbit Flex quickly became the most popular wristband activity monitor when it was launched.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Flex offers almost the same features as the Fitbit One except for the measuring floors climbed & clock but added sleep tracking with auto sleep detection
  • Fitbit Flex as such has no display other than just five small LED lights that show progress toward goals. So you are dependent on the smartphone app to view your dashboard or data via Bluetooth or wireless USB connection.
  • It’s sweat, rain, and splash proof, but not swim proof like all other Fitbit trackers & the battery lasts up to five days.
  • Fitbit’s app ecosystem lets you access multiple types of data with your personal Fitbit account, making it a good product to buy.
  • Fitbit Flex comes in 10 trendy colors including black, slate, violet, lime, pink, navy, tangerine, teal, red & blue.

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Fitbit Flex is best suited for:

Beginner athlete who is looking for an activity tracker that can also track sleep but can live without a display. A fitness enthusiast who are also fashion conscious and wants the activity tracker to look good on them.

Buy Fitbit Flex because:

Fitbit Flex looks trendy & comfortable to wear rather than the clip-on trackers. Fitbit Flex is definitely value for your money.

Fitbit Flex is $99.95 from Fitbit or as little as $77.99 from Amazon.com.

Fitbit Charge Wristband - Activity + Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Charge wristband is a step up, both price and feature wise from the earlier activity trackers - Fitbit One and Flex. Fitbit Charge is a tracker featured in between Fitbit Flex & Fitbit Charge HR.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Charge tracks steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, sleep tracking with auto detection, silent vibrating alarm and active minutes including a clock, auto sleep detection, floors climbed, and caller ID
  • The wristband has an OLED display, will show your stats for that day without looking at your smartphone & opening the Fitbit app
  • Fitbit Charge does not feature continuous heart rate tracking tech & auto exercise recognition as in Fitbit Charge HR & Alta respectively
  • It’s sweat, rain and splash proof but not a swim proof, the battery life is very good with seven to ten days
  • The app functions are the same as the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit One, apart from the addition of floors climbed

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Fitbit Charge is best suited for:

Dedicated athletes who want a comprehensive sleep + activity tracker without having to pay for an advanced smartwatch. And definitely not serious about heart rate monitoring.

Buy Fitbit Charge because:

Fitbit Charge is slightly more expensive than the Fitbit Flex but it adds a clock, floors climbed and caller ID to its features & reintroduces a display avoiding the need to look at the app to see your progress.

Fitbit Charge is $129.95 from Fitbit or as little as $99.93 from Amazon.com.

Fitbit Alta Wristband - Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta has slimmer design than Fitbit Charge in line with the size of Fitbit Flex. Fitbit Alta looks stylish and apart from its metal body, it has an optional interchangeable band, including sport, leather, and metal bracelet, all sold separately.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Alta is the first Fitbit wristband with ‘Reminders to Move’ feature and it has a new feature mini-step, goals of 250 steps each hour, motivating you for 2-3 minutes of walking
  • It offers features same as Fitbit Charge but excludes floors climbed and is well replaced by an automatic exercise recognition, offered by some high-end trackers in Fitbit’s lineup
  • Fitbit Alta also features an OLED tap display, larger than Fitbit Charge & Charge HR, so you can see your progress, read scrolling text, view call & calendar notifications - not offered by Fitbit Charge
  • Fitbit Alta lacks some of the advanced features, such as a heart rate monitor & GPS, it is sweat, rain and splash proof like the other trackers
  • The app functions apply ditto, as the Fitbit Flex, along with the same battery life, which is up to five days

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Fitbit Alta is best suited for:

Fitness enthusiasts and dedicated athletes, who are looking for a slim Fitbit wristband with a blend of a fitness tracker and smartwatch features.

Buy Fitbit Alta because:

Fitbit Alta is priced same as Fitbit Charge & arguably the most visually appealing Fitbit as yet.

Fitbit Alta is $129.95 from Fitbit or as little as $129 from Amazon.com.

Fitbit Charge HR Wristband - Fitness Tracker + Heart Rate Monitor (HR)

The biggest difference between the Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Charge, and the Fitbit Charge HR is that the Charge HR also has an optical heart rate monitor. Fitbit Charge HR was awarded the best fitness trackers of 2015 by most reviewers.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Charge HR wristband does everything the Fitbit Charge does, adds continuous strapless heart rate monitoring via PurePulse LED lights on the underside of the wristband and Fitbit Alta’s automatic exercise recognition
  • It’s not as accurate as a chest strap or the optical heart rate monitor you’d find on dedicated running watches, the Fitbit Charge HR will give you an estimate of your calories burned and fairly good look at your heart rate while you are working out.
  • Fitbit Charge HR also looks similar to Fitbit Charge, with an OLED display feature that shows caller ID, daily stats, and clock.
  • Fitbit Charge HR lacks advanced features like the GPS, music controls, and notifications, you’ll find them on the high-end trackers like Fitbit Surge and Blaze
  • Its battery life is same as Fitbit Flex - up to five days and it is sweat, rain and splash proof like the rest.
  • App functions are the same as the other trackers but you’ll get the added bonus of being able to access & monitor your heart rate data, as well as see more detailed analysis of workouts.

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Fitbit Charge HR is best suited for:

Serious athletes or gym geeks who want a reliable and multifaceted fitness tracking thanks to the continuous heart rate monitoring, but not a smartwatch.

Buy Fitbit Charge HR because:

Fitbit Charge HR is little more expensive but it brings a lot of good features to the table. Good enough for serious athletes.

Fitbit Charge HR is $149.95 from Fitbit or as little as $121.99 from Amazon.com.

Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch - Complete Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s newest device announced at CES, January 2016. Fitbit Blaze is more like a smartwatch, offering a colored touchscreen and the option of various straps and frames.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Blaze offers everything the Charge HR offers, additionally has introduced many new features like Multi-Sport on this fitness smartwatch, allowing you to choose various sports modes and see real-time stats
  • Fitbit Blaze also introduced music control and GPS tracking along with text notifications like the Fitbit Alta
  • Unlike Fitbit Surge having a built-in GPS, Fitbit Blaze uses your mobile phone’s GPS, so you will still need to carry your phone. On enabling Connected GPS, you can map your running routes, see run stats like speed & duration on the display
  • A cool new feature is to begin a FitStar workout on your wrist and get step-by-step instructions & graphics to ensure you complete each move correctly. 3 standard FitStar workouts are available on the device without a FitStar account
  • Fitbit Blaze features PurePulse Heart Rate readings, activity tracking, sleep quality monitoring & overall workout summaries
  • You can also enjoy wireless syncing to hundreds of devices, music control of mobile playlists, smart notifications (text, email, calendar)
  • There is a five-day battery life and it is sweat, rain and splash proof

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Fitbit Blaze is best suited for:

Serious & sophisticated athletes who want right mix of fitness tracking & smartwatch but aren’t ready for an advanced smartwatch.

Buy Fitbit Blaze because:

Fitbit Blaze is a smartwatch which after tracking fitness could potentially replace your watch.

Fitbit Blaze is $199.95 from Fitbit or as little as $198.99 from Amazon.com.

Fitbit Surge Smartwatch (Fitness) - Complete Fitness Tracker + GPS Tracking

The Fitbit Surge is the most expensive and most feature-rich Fitbit tracker. It is more of a watch than a band like Fitbit Blaze but Fitbit Surge comes with a monochrome display.

Key points to consider:

  • Fitbit Surge is on top of Fitbit’s fitness tracker line up as a smart fitness watch. Besides typical tracking, this watch has some important features like built-in GPS to calculate speed, track distance travelled & route tracking, that means you can now track a run without your phone.
  • Fitbit Surge offers everything the Blaze does - auto exercises recognition, caller ID, text notifications, music control & continuous heart rate monitoring along with all basic activity tracker features
  • You can log your workouts, view exercise summaries, monitor calories burned and record floors climbed.
  • Fitbit Surge is tested up to 5 ATM but it remains just sweat, rain and splash proof so you still shouldn’t try to take it in the shower and certainly not for a swim and the battery life lasting up to seven to ten days
  • Fitbit Surge offers the same app functionality as the Blaze and other Fitbit trackers, with the added advantage of maps of where you have gone for a run or walk with the GPS on.

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Fitbit Surge is best suited for:

Serious / sophisticated athletes who want the best of both the world - Fitness Tracker & a smartwatch. Dedicated runners and cyclists who like to stay connected while they train, providing stats like speed & distance, at the same time can deliver notifications to your wrist.

Buy Fitbit Surge because:

Fitbit Surge is not cheap but if you want all the features that Fitbit has to offer then this is the one for you.

Fitbit Surge is $249.95 from Fitbit or as little as $210.34 from Amazon.com.

One of the most often asked question about Fitbit trackers -

Is a Fitbit Waterproof?

All Fitbit trackers are water-resistant, which means they are rain-proof and splash-proof and can stand up to even the sweatiest workout.

Do not swim with your tracker. We also don’t recommend showering with your tracker; though a little water won’t hurt the device, wearing it 24/7 does not give your skin a chance to breathe. Whenever you get your tracker wet, dry it thoroughly before putting it back on.

You can read more about it on Fitbit’s website.

Following are user profiles we have identified for Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Casual User

Those taking their baby steps into fitness.

Fitbit Zip

As you’re new to activity & fitness tracking, and want to try out and see how you like it? Get the Fitbit Zip, with its low cost of entry.

Fitness Enthusiasts - Beginner

Those who want a basic Fitness & activity tracker + additionally wants a sleep tracker also if you are more comfortable with a wristband.

Fitbit One

If you want more features, but something that can slip into a pocket or clip to your clothing, then you should be looking at the Fitbit One.

Fitbit Flex

If you’re new, but prefer the idea of a wrist-worn tracker, then the Fitbit Flex is for you.

Fitness Enthusiasts - Dedicated User

Those who are enthusiast about bettering their fitness but are also stylish and want an extra feature to see to see who’s calling on the smartphone.

Fitbit Charge

If you want a tracker that can replace your watch with a time display, you’ll want the Fitbit Charge.

Fitbit Alta

If you want a blend of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch than Fitbit Alta is the right choice to start with.

Serious Athletes / Gym Goer

Those who are serious about monitoring their heart rate while working out, along with other fitness activities.

Fitbit Charge HR

If you’re a serious athlete, you’ll probably want the Fitbit Charge HR, which comes with continuous heart rate monitoring & helps you to know your calories are burned while you are working out.

Serious + Sophisticated Athletes

Serious & sophisticated athletes who not just want a fitness tracker but also a smartwatch-like feature.

Fitbit Blaze

While keeping the fitness as the main priority the Fitbit Blaze offers smartwatch features that is just enough.

Fitbit Surge

Finally, all the features Fitbit has to offer for both a geek as in smartwatch and athletes to track your sport, running or cycling.


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