LEGO Minecraft - The Cave 21113 Playset

Experience The Cave - vital ores & minerals, waterfall, lavafall, obsidian, pickaxe, chest, bread, TNT, zombie & spider

LEGO Minecraft - The Cave 21113 Playset

Join Steve on his quest for vital resources in The Cave!

Venture into The Cave on a dangerous quest for vital resources! Wield the iron pickaxe to dig and battle against hostile zombie and spider mobs.

Blast out valuable ores and minerals with the TNT and combine the flowing water and lava to create precious obsidian!

When you’re done battling and mining, restore your energy levels with the chest of bread. Proceed with caution!

Rebuild the set for more LEGO® Minecraft™ creations! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: Steve and a zombie, plus a spider.

Features waterfall, lavafall, coal, iron, redstone, gold, and obsidian elements, plus TNT, torch and a ladder Accessories include a pickaxe, chest and bread

  • Includes 249 assorted LEGO® pieces
  • Experience The Cave!
  • Mine for precious ores and minerals
  • Watch out for the mobs!
  • The perfect gift for fans of LEGO® building and Minecraft™
  • Rebuild for more LEGO® Minecraft™ creations
  • Measures 5”(15cm)high, 8” (22cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep
  • Combine this set with others in the series to create your own LEGO® Minecraft™ world

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